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We are currently building an new display that 100% relates to Brookfield's history...

Welcome to a journey into our past  . . . 

In May 1788, by resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly, the Parish of Newbury was established from land given from Newtown, New Milford and Danbury in 1752.  The parish was given town status and renamed Brookfield in honor of it's longtime Congregational pastor, Reverend Thomas Brooks.  Over the next 220 plus years, the town metamorphosed several times to become the friendly community we now enjoy. 

The Brookfield Museum and Historical Society, founded in 1968, is the only organization in town whose purpose is to preserve Brookfield history.  We believe that significant facts, documents, and artifacts must be preserved, documented and made a part of Brookfield's permanent heritage.  Thus the purpose of the Brookfield Museum and Historical Society is to collect the history of Brookfield and make it available, educational and interesting to all.

In May 2001, the Brookfield Museum and Historical Society went on-line in an attempt to reach out to our friends and neighbors using technology that we playfully imagine our founding fathers had envisioned for us.

Enjoy the experience!


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