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Each of the following musicians and composers offer their CDs to our visitors. Click on either to sample their music or simply to let their wonderful music accompany you as you scroll through our online catalog. Please allow time for the music to load.



(CDR)  Robert H. Miller, "Enchanted"

$15.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $20.00

(CDM)  Robert H. Miller, "Hot August Night"

$15.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $20.00


(CDB)  Bill Tobin, "A Breath of Fresh Air"

$15.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $20.00

(CDT)  Bill Tobin, "Heron Rising" 

$15.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $20.00

(CDC)  Bill Tobin, "Laura's Gift" (Christmas)

$15.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $20.00


(TSH)  Cotton – Polyester Tee Shirt.  Gray with blue Brookfield Museum and Historical Society logo.  Youth sizes: M, L.

Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

$10.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $15.00


(SSH)  Cotton – Polyester Sweat Shirt.  Navy with white Brookfield Museum and Historical Society logo.

Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL.

$20.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $25.00

(CVR)  100% Cotton, 4 foot by 6 foot Coverlet.  Cream background with Cranbury colored representations of each of the following Brookfield landmarks: Congregational Church, Craft Center, Village Store, Train Station, White Turkey Inn, Center School, Homes in Brookfield Center and the Brookfield Museum.

$45.00+S&H $10.00  Price: $55.00


These pieces of gray stoneware with blue or green design, were created for the Brookfield Museum and Historical Society by Phil Schaltenbrand, owner and founder of Westerwald Pottery. The glazes are lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe.

All pieces are stamped with a potter’s mark, signed and dated.


                   (MUG)  14 oz. mug in green.  Also available in blue.

                   $12.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $17.00

(OLA)  32 oz. Colonial Oil Lamp with slow burning wick shown in blue. Also available in green. Uses scented or unscented lamp oil. Brookfield does not appear on this piece of pottery.
+S&H $7.00  Price: $22.00

(PJA)  16 oz. Preserve Jar with bail shown in green.  Also available in blue.

$20.00+S&H $8.00  Price: $28.00

(PIT)  Kitchen 1 Quart Pitcher shown in blue.  Also available in green.

$20.00+S&H $8.00  Price: $28.00 

         (SLT)  1 Quart Salt shown in green.  Also available in blue.

         $18.00+S&H $8.00  Price: $26.00


(NEB)  New England 1½  quart Bean Pot. Shown here in blue.  It is also available in green.

$25.00+S&H $9.00  Price: $34.00






                      (NTC)  Package of six note cards with envelopes.

                      $5.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $10.00

(CBC)  Package of six note cards, each showing a different scene unique to Brookfield, each drawn by the late artist, Cole Bradley.  Envelopes included.

$5.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $10.00

(BKC)  Only a few left!  (an updated editions of the this book will be available in the summer of 2009)  The Cemeteries of Brookfield, Connecticut” book is an important addition to your genealogical efforts. Included are the burial and memorial garden records of the eleven cemeteries and two memorial gardens found in Brookfield dating from 1745 to 2003.

$10.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $15.00

(BKD)  The book is also available on compact disk created in Adobe Acrobat Format (.PDF)

$15.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $20.00


(ALB)  “A Look Back” is more than just a collection of photographs of Brookfield scenes. It is a story of a people, of farmers and ironworkers, of railroads and schools. But especially; it is a story of growth.

$10.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $15.00

(ATB))  “A Taste of Brookfield” is a unique collection of recipes on behalf of the Brookfield Historical Society’s 25th anniversary. Each recipe comes from the kitchen of a Brookfield resident.

$10.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $15.00



(MSW 1) Images of America, Brookfield by Marilyn Whittlesey, Town Historian and Museum Curator, is a collection of images of Brookfield representing over 30 years of local historical research.

$19.00+S&H $5.00  Price: $24.00



(MSW 2) “A Snapshot in Time” This book spans the time period from the 1700s to the present with many never before published stories and photographs of “the way it was”.       $25.00 + S&H $5.00 Price $30.00


(ASP)   A package of four spice hot pads. The heat of your hot beverage brings out the aroma of the spice pad. Hot pads come prepackaged in different designs.

$7.00+S&H $5.00 Price: $12.00