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Dear Friends,  

Because of the kindness shown to us by friends of the Brookfield Museum & Historical Society, we are able to show you a photograph collection of tools used on early farms.  We have gathered together a collection presently totaling 75 tools with a promise of additional farm implements.  Several people have contributed to the text associated with most of the tools.  It is through these people, former farmers all, that the photographs almost take on a life of their own.

We hope that you enjoy this collection.  So like any good friend, please revisit our site when you next have the opportunity.     

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               Pic_02Plane.jpg (134674 bytes)               Pic_03_22 inch Plane.jpg (140001 bytes)               Pic_04_Modern_Plane.jpg (10030 bytes)

Pic_05_Chisel_Plane.jpg (24405 bytes)                Pic_06_Molding_Plane.jpg (67371 bytes)                             



                  Pic_07_Hand_Auger_1.jpg (38467 bytes)                                   





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