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Town of Brookfield Historical Timeline

Based on Frequently Asked Questions


Danbury was settled 1684    


  1707 New Milford was settled

Newtown was settled

      1732   Ironworks District settled
          First bridge built at the Ironworks   1745      
First Grist Mill   1748   Land’s End Cemetery established

Newbury Parish was settled

      1755   The Ecclesiastical Society of Newbury Parish accepts the site of the first Meetinghouse

Parish of Newbury voted to hold school for six months per year

  1756   Voted to lay a tax on the inhabitants to cover the meetinghouse
1757 The meetinghouse was dedicated and Thomas Brooks was ordained and installed as permanent minister of the
Congregation Society
White Turkey Inn built   1760      

Four School Districts – Ironworks, Whisconier, Pocono, Obtuse (More)


Earliest burial in Huckleberry Hill Cemetery


July 4th the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence

      1777   Central Cemetery established

Earliest burial in Merwin Brook Cemetery


English General Cornwallis surrendered to the combined American and French forces, effectively ending the American War for Independence  

  1781   First Physician – Dr. Preserve Wood
      1783   A peace treaty was formally signed in Paris on September 3 granting Americans unconditional independence
      1785   First Episcopalian Church established

       The Parish of Newbury became the Town of Brookfield  


First Town Meeting held on June 9

April 30 George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States 


Influenza epidemic caused canceling of public meetings

Population of Brookfield numbered 1,018

First Episcopal Church building constructed 

Rhode Island ratified the Constitution, the last of the thirteen original Colonies to do so

Brookfield Town Singing School started   1792      
      1794   Old South Cemetery was established
Samuel Ruggles, first missionary to Hawaiian Islands, born in Brookfield   1795   Bell placed in the Town Hall
      1796   The Brookfield Town House was completed

Masonic Federal Lodge #41 established in Brookfield on November 7 


First Post Office established in Brookfield – Colbe Chamberlain was the first postmaster


Brookfield's Eight Schools – East Ironworks, West Ironworks, Whisconier, Center, Long Meadow Hill, Bound Swamp, South Mountain and Obtuse (More)

Brookfield's population is 1,037   1810      
Temperance Society started

Stage Route from Danbury to Poughkeepsie

Population of Brookfield 1,255

(population of Chicago was 100)


The Housatonic Railroad Company was granted a charter

 Ironworks Aqueduct Company established

Daniel Tomlinson built a dam on the Still River and a factory for making Currier's knives


Methodist Church establishes


Second Episcopal Church built  (More)


South Mountain School changed to Whortleberry Hill School

First train in the Ironworks District

      1845   Laurel Hill Cemetery established

Baptist Church established in the Ironworks District (More)

Probate Court established - Brookfield Judge Ebenezer Blackman appointed Probate Judge

  1850   Population of Brookfield 1,359

Sons of Temperance and the auxiliary the Cadets organized in Brookfield


Second Meeting House of the Congregational Church was dedicated  (More)

St. Paul’s School for Boys established on Longmeadow Hill Road  (More)

      1866   Anti-Thieving Society established; horses were being stolen
Catholic Parish established in Brookfield   1867      

     Dutch Reformed Church established in Brookfield

Henry Hawley opened a hat factory


St. Paul’s School for Boys closes

Village Store built


Second Post Office established

Brookfield Shakespearian Dramatic Society established 

      1872   Population of Brookfield is 1,193
January 26, record snow fall of two feet   1873      

A new Brookfield Town House was built and called "Town Hall"  (More) 


General Custer chose the Little Big Horn to make his last stand

Present Stone Bridge on route 25 built

Measles epidemic closed the schools   1881  

Red Cross organized under Clara Barton

Curtis School for Boys moved to Brookfield  (More)   1883      

The Dutch Reform Church becomes The Chapel (More) 


Statue of Liberty dedicated

Brookfield celebrates its 100th birthday


Miss Wilhelmine Skidmore opened a school for girls in Brookfield Center

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church built on Pocono Road (More)                                        1892      
      1893   Village Improvement Society established in Brookfield
Brookfield Grange established   1894      
Hawley Bible School opened on Whisconier Hill    1895      
      1900   Greene School of Music opened  (More)
Lenox Shear Company destroyed by fire   1902      

Local chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union formed


Ziegler Summer School of Singing established in Brookfield Center

White Turkey Inn opened   1910      

The Brookfield Improvement Society put streetlights through the Center 


Railroad tracks moved and train station built in the Ironworks District

Electric lights come to Brookfield Center

  1915   Boy Scouts of America established
Old Post Road Inn opened   1917   Brookfield Chapter of the Red Cross established
Camp Fire Girls established

Ancient Inn, located in the Ironworks district, moved to Danbury (More)


Aunt Sue’s Brook, a watering trough on Route 133, was given to the town by  the Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Pocono Grange established   1920   155 Women presented themselves at the Town Hall to be made voters
Pick Penny John died   1922      

Greene School of Music closed after the death of Professor Herbert Greene

Tuck Electroplating Company established   1925      
Brookfield Book Club meets   1926   July 15, Construction of Candlewood Lake began
Lake Candlewood completely filled   1929   New state highway built north to Obtuse (currently Route 133 to Bridgewater)
Brookfield Fire Department formally organized on May 7 (More)   1934      

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was burned on February 14

Consolidated School replaces the one-room schoolhouses (More)

  1938   Saint Paul's Church rebuilt in stone  (More) 

Town offices moved into the former Center School  (More)

The Grotto was started (More)

      1943   Curtis School for Boys closed
General Jonathan Wainwright visits Brookfield   1945      
Joyce Memorial Library established in the old Town Hall   1951   Brookfield Craft Center opened

Ground broken for new firehouse in Brookfield Center


Friends of the Library established

Lake Lillinohah filled overnight during Hurricane Dianne 

      1956   St. Joseph’s Parochial School opened
Samuel Wilson became Brookfield's first Resident State Trooper    1957   The first Brookfield Journal was published

Williams Park built

Brookfield High School built

Nutmeg Inn fire


Brookfield Players acquire gym from Curtis School for use as Playhouse

Zoning Laws put into effect

Chamber of Commerce formed

Population 1,345 and start of largest growth period in Brookfield history    


Eugene McGowan was appointed first School Superintendent

United Jewish Brookfield Cemetery's first burial


Candlewood Shores Annexed from New Fairfield

 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church held first services (More)

Prince of Peace Nursery School opens   1966  

Huckleberry Hill School built

Newbury Congregational Church established                                       1967  

First High School Graduation from Brookfield High School

Brookfield Historical Society founded

Brookfield purchased the Gurski Farm


Gospel Hall takes over former St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Pocono Road

 Whisconier School built

  1970   Brookfield Veterans of Foreign Wars organized  (More)
      1971   White Turkey Inn and pond removed
Fire at Grant's Farm on Pocono Road   1972      

The Brookfield Public Library opened in its present location (More) 

      1976   The Brookfield Museum & Historical Society began occupying the old Town House
Brookfield Police Department organized   1977   Wild Cherry Tree on Junction Road cut down

 Brooks Quarry built and named for Rev. Thomas Brooks

      1992   Veterans Memorial dedicated  (More)

New Town Hall and Senior Center on Pocono Road opens

      1986   Population of Brookfield is 13,920
Brookfield celebrates its 200th birthday   1988      
The first Kid's Kingdom playground is erected near Town Hall on Pocono Road   1991   The new Saint Joseph's Church opened (More)
Brookfield purchased Happy Landing's Farm and Burr Farm   1999      
      2002   Horse sculptures are erected on Town Hall property
M. Jodi Rell, Brookfield resident, is elected 87th Governor of Connecticut from 2004-2011   2004      
      2007   Route 7 bypass construction began; completed in 2009
Population of Brookfield is 16,200   2010      
      2012   The second Kid's Kingdom playground is erected
Brookfield's 225 birthday celebration   2013