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This is my dad’s 16 jewel Hamilton  pocket watch, purchased for the pricey sum of $65.00 in 1927 while he was working on the NY Central RR in Niagara County, NY.  The seller came back for several weeks to collect installments – early credit collection technique for the time!   My dad always wished he had purchased an 18-jewel watch, which would have been of conductors’ quality and accuracy. 

One of my earliest memories is of sitting on his lap while he held the watch to my ear to hear the steady ticking of the mechanism. When he passed away in 1992 I acquired the beloved timepiece, its gold chain, and “fob”.   The latter, to my surprise, had a tiny photo of my mother taken as a teenager.  He carried this watch every day of his life.  It still keeps “pretty good time”.   I learned it costs more today to have it cleaned than its original cost!

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